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Pastoral Care

The St. Lawrence Pastoral Care Team supports members of our congrega-tion and community who are in need physically and emotionally through ministries of prayer, visitation and fellowship.

Our monthly Eucharist services con-tinue at the Retirement Homes and Nursing Homes. Services are as fol-lows:

First Friday of the month at Rosedale Retirement Centre at 11 am;

Second Tuesday of the month at Sherwood Park Manor at 11 am;

Second Sunday of the month at St. Lawrence Lodge at 2 pm;

Third Friday of the month at Bridlewood Manor at 10:30 am;

Fourth Tuesday of the month at Wedgewood at 2:30 pm;

Families are welcome to join their loved ones or friends at any of the above facilities.

The Pastoral Care Teams continue with Home communions, Hospital visitation, and Telephone communication. Of course the Ministry of the Prayer Team is ongoing.

Pastoral Care Ministry is very important to our parishioners and community, as it brings love, joy and hope to families.

Coordinator of Pastoral Care is Shirley Powers. She can be contacted through the church office. 

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