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Saint Lawrence Church is home to:



The Brockville Montessori School offers an authentic Montessori education as a three-year alternative to

preschool and kindergarten. For over 40 years, Montessori has provided children of 2.5 to 6 years of age

with an environment where they can thrive academically, socially, emotionally, and physically. By beginning

your child's education at Montessori, you provide them with a foundation for a successful life.



Narcotics Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous is a nonprofit fellowship of men and women for whom drugs had become a major

problem. We are recovering addicts who meet regularly to help each other stay clean. This is a program of

complete abstinence from all drugs. There is only one requirement for membership, the desire to stop using.




Happy Hearts Seniors Program

Happy Hearts is a weekly program at St. Lawrence Ministries, promoting holistic health for seniors. It offers diabetic and wellness check-ups, low-impact exercise, memory strengthening exercises, and a (light lunch).

Join us on Fridays for Fun and Fellowship. Call the church office at 613-345-5717


Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women, who share their Experience, Strength, and Hope

with each other, so that they may solve their common problems and help others to recover from Alcoholism.

The Brockville Rifles Regimental Church

St. Lawrence Church is the regimental church to the Brockville Rifles. It echoes with the solemn pride of generations, uniting soldiers past and present in their devotion to duty, honour, and service. A spiritual haven where the bond between faith and military tradition stands strong.

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